Overcome health challenges to improve your quality of life

With executive health coaching in Singapore, save 100s of hours and 1000s of dollars in figuring out the best strategy for a healthy future with your loved ones.

Trusted by top executives and organisations in Singapore

Working with senior executives and high-performance teams who want a trusted wellness professional.

Executive Health Coaching

Discover your Key Benefits

Experience the positive impact of an optimised lifestyle on your health, happiness and performance.

Manage and Reverse Medical Conditions Improve long-term health challenges such as type 2 diabetes, high cardiovascular risk, and menopause.

Increase energy Address lifestyle factors and implement sustainable strategies to feel engaged and focused throughout the day.

Improve body composition Build the body you love that helps you move well and prevent diseases as you age.

Improve sleep Go to bed with ease and sleep through the night while feeling rested in the morning.

Reduce Stress Feel calmer and reduce the impact of stress on your physical health.

Achieve clarity Get expert recommendations on the right medical and wellness services you should engage in.

Private and Discreet

Feel secure and comfortable with a trusted professional

Dr. Arun designed this executive health coaching practice around an important tenet of medical care: safety. While this isn't a medical service, you will experience similar values with physical and psychological safety that you would expect from your most trusted doctor.


Singapore's Central Business District

Work with me in a private and comfortable space.

Level 49, One Raffles Quay North Tower, 048583, Singapore


Your Investment

Start your health journey and achieve your goals within 6 months without the guesswork


One-time payment


2-hour in-person, comprehensive lifestyle assessment

1-hour in-person follow-up consultation

A personalised blueprint of your health transformation strategy

Expert recommendations of medical screenings and services

Evidence-based, personalised recommendations of products that can support optimal health

Discreet handling of sensitive personal data

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