Dr. Arun Jayaraj

Health & Longevity Coach, Corporate Wellness Speaker

Education & Credentials: Dr. Arun Jayaraj is an alumnus of King’s College London, where he earned a Medical degree (MBBS) and a Biomedical Science degree (BSc), ranking 13th and 12th worldwide in their respective fields. He is also a certified Personal Trainer, blending rigorous medical knowledge with practical fitness training. Additionally, he is also LinkedIn's most followed education-focused and motivational Health Coach in Singapore with over 10,000 followers.

Professional Focus: Dr. Arun specialises in bridging the gap between medicine and lifestyle to improve chronic disease management and achieve healthy longevity. His dual expertise allows him to approach health from both evidence-based and holistic perspectives, making him a pioneer in medical health coaching.

Health Coaching: As a medically trained health coach, Dr. Arun is dedicated to developing personalised health strategies that improve support high performance and longevity.

Speaking Engagements: Dr. Arun is available for speaking engagements in-person and virtually, where he shares his insights on achieving health excellence through a balanced approach to wellness. For businesses, his approach is designed to potentially enhance employee health, productivity, and overall job satisfaction while reducing healthcare costs and absenteeism.

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