Elevate your wellness talks

Empower your employees and members with one of Singapore's top medically-trained health coaches.

We bring a revolutionary perspective to wellness talks by emphasising healthy longevity through healthspan maximisation. Our talks are designed to enlighten and inspire people to extend their healthy years, translating to reduced burnout, enhanced mental health, increased productivity and lower healthcare costs.

About the speaker

Dr. Arun Jayaraj

Dr. Arun Jayaraj has an MBBS (Medicine) and Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) from King's College London.

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Why choose us

Expertise in healthspan and longevity

Drawing from the latest research in longevity science, we offer actionable insights and strategies. Our expertise covers areas like age management, preventive health measures, and lifestyle choices that collectively contribute to a longer, healthier life.

Longevity-focused content

We tailor our talks to highlight the importance of longevity in the corporate sphere. Understanding that a long, healthy life contributes to sustained professional performance and experience, we delve into how longevity strategies can benefit both individuals and organisations.

Holistic wellness for sustained performance

By integrating principles of longevity into our wellness framework, we address how mental and physical well-being contributes to a productive life, both personally and professionally.

Sustainable longevity practices

We emphasise the adoption of sustainable habits that promote longevity. This includes nurturing a work environment that supports continuous learning, adaptability, and health-conscious practices.

Interactive and insightful sessions

Our sessions are structured to be engaging and thought-provoking. We facilitate discussions around longevity, its impact on workplace dynamics, and how it intersects with career development and satisfaction.

Impact on organisational health

We discuss how nurturing a culture of longevity can lead to lower turnover rates, a more experienced and wise workforce, and an overall healthier organisational environment.

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