How to Make Social Media More Positive

Social media can be toxic but it doesn't need to be. Here are a few ways I ensure it's a more positive experience every single time.

How to Make Social Media More Positive

There are 3 general ways to create a more positive and meaningful experience on social media:

  1. Consume better
  2. Engage better
  3. Produce better

In this post I'll cover several ways you can do these three things.

Consume better

Photo of Ele Breitmeyer by Arun Jayaraj

Create a separate ‘productivity’ account

Yes, I think you should create another set of social media accounts! Whether, it’s Instagram, YouTube or Twitter, make an account where you only follow pages that provide you with quality information on feeling better and achieving more.

Follow accounts that create transparent content

Social media gets a bad rep for it increasing our tendency to compare our lives to others. I agree with that but we need to be smart with who we choose to follow.

We can strengthen our mental health when we follow accounts that show us why and how they do what they do. For your own good, avoid accounts that only show you their ‘highlight reels’.

Teach the algorithm what you want to see more of (and less of too)

Please keep liking your best friend’s daily mirror selfie but also be as strategic as possible. Social media platforms show you what they think you like based on your previous consumption habits.

So if you know what makes you feel better and improves your day, go find and give those pieces of content a like, save, comment and share. Conversely, stop engaging with content that makes you feel worse or even provides you with minimum value. Only then will you start being gifted with content that isn't toxic and can improve your life.

Engage better

Actually commend people for their good content

When we consume a good piece of content, we should let the creator know that they did a good job. A 'like' or random emoji should not become the norm for validating good work. Send them a message and create a genuine connection.

Ask people how they do what they do

See something you like and want to emulate? Ask them how they did it.

Naturally, you might not get a reply or be rejected in some way, but that's irrelevant. You might as well ask. Eventually you will get an answer and you'll be better off than when you started the day.

Produce better

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Use others to hold you accountable for new habits

If you’re struggling to stick to habits you’ve been wanting to cultivate, use your friends and followers to keep you on track. You might be like, “but why would they want to see that?”. And yeah, they may not but who cares? The ones that do will support you and push you on. I did this earlier this year and it was highly beneficial for me to get a few habits going and to boost my confidence. I’ll be doing more soon and I urge you to do so too. Use the month of November to post your new habit daily.

Share your progress publicly

Due to fear of rejection, a lot of us may refrain from doing this and instead resort to waiting until something is ‘perfect’ before we show it. But I don’t think this is the optimal way to start and build. Showing my growth on social media has felt so meaningful and it allowed me to connect with others who want me to succeed as well. And even if you try this and don’t succeed, you’ll feel great about helping others prevent the same mistakes. Boom, healthy environment.

Share your passions and expertise regularly

Some of us tend to avoid this for reasons that shouldn’t exist. We all have something that many others don’t and I believe that we should share it with others. Unfortunately, we’ve started to perceive many who do that as just '“flexing on the gram” but it’s not about that. By understanding my strengths and focusing on the people that might benefit from them, I feel much more purposeful on social media and I’m never wasting my time.

Help others improve

Finally, you can significantly improve you experience on social media when you focus on helping at least one other person improve their circumstances. This can be absolutely anything and you'll be surprised how much you already have within you that can be immensely useful to someone else in this world.

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