On living a healthier and more meaningful life.

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Your purpose already lies within you.

The purpose is created, not found. The search for purpose is an important aspect of our existence but the realization that's it's already within, is inevitable.

Help yourself, then help others.

Selfishness gets a bad reputation because it often deserves it. But selfishness is also important for our personal development. By taking time out for yourself, you can increase your usefulness for others.

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No one can make you feel inferior.

Horrible people exist that will attempt to make you feel less worthy but it is your choice to decide if they are telling a truth or a lie.

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"No" is a complete sentence.

When you believe in something and don't feel like explaining why you rejected them, you don't need to elaborate. A polite "no" is sufficient. It's on them not to take it personally.

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It's never personal unless you allow it to be.

We should never let the words and actions of others allow us to suffer both mentally and physically. Always remember, you can't take something personally if you don't already believe within yourself. So reflect and identify mental clutter that's allowing you to take certain things personally.

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Never internalize the anxieties of others.

Anxieties within are natural for all of us but we must not make it a habit to take on those of others. We often don't even realize that the anxieties of others don't even really apply to us. Yet it's so easy to take them on. Just be mindful of your anxieties and know which ones are relevant to your life and which ones aren't.

Rejection is just a modifiable statistic.

Fear of rejection is a natural (and unfortunate) construct that holds many of us back but it never has to. However, when we reduce rejection to a number that depends on our attempts, the fear will start to dissipate. And also, never take it personally. Most of the time, people have the right to reject us and we just need to move on.

Self-confidence requires daily practice.

It is a skill that can be acquired. But just like any other skill, we must work on it every single day.

Your future is created today.

The present moment is the only moment we will truly ever have. Plan for the future but never live in it.

You are not your feelings.

Feelings are important to our existence and they should never be avoided but we don't need to identify with every one of them. By becoming mindful of our feelings, we get to decide which ones we truly should pay more attention to.

Judge yourself less and observe yourself more.

Self-judgment has very few benefits when playing the long game in life. Observing and reflecting on necessary changes will always be a much more sustainable approach.

Let go of beliefs that stop serving their purpose.

Beliefs that once protected us when we're younger often hurt us as we get older. It's important to be mindful of what these beliefs are.

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Never compare outcomes, only compare habits.

Engaging in outcome comparisons is a sure way to mental deterioration. In light of how difficult it is to avoid comparisons completely, it is much more sustainable to focus on what we can control - our habits.

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