Make your fitness habit hard to fail

Make your fitness habit hard to fail
By Arun Jayaraj

Unlike productivity, your fitness habit doesn't have a true end goal. Instead, it's a trickier lifelong pursuit to sustain.

To keep up this pursuit, we must set habit goals that are hard to fail (or well, easy to succeed).

You can do this by lowering your standards. You won't hear me recommend this often, but it's essential for a successful fitness habit.

Now think about an activity that's too hard to fail. That should be your fitness habit goal. I recommend a 10-minute walk.

But is that too little? Definitely not.

If you decide to spend an extra 10 minutes of your day being active, that is fitness. Consider that a win.

On most days, you will do much more than a 10-minute walk. But at least you know that when you aren't feeling it, all you have to do is 10 minutes.

Overcoming these days are the ones that will keep you fit and healthy for a lifetime.