Be clear when asking a woman out on text

Be clear when asking a woman out on text
Photo by Adem AY / Unsplash

The fear of rejection hinders our ability to ask someone out. Thus we must work on that fear to live a better life.

But while we work on that, we should optimise the 'ask'. One method is to provide more information.

This helps us make informed decisions with minimal anxiety. In this context, you're more likely to receive a simple 'yes' or 'no'.

For example, asking "would you like to go out sometime?" lacks clarity. You increase the chance of rejection. You might also receive a vague and useless answer.

Instead, craft a better proposition with more information:

I'd love to take you on a date for drinks in central London next Friday evening. Would you be up for that?

This provides 5 important pieces of information:

Purpose - "a date"
Activity - "drinks"
Place - "central London"
Time - "Friday evening"
Yes/no trigger - "Would you be up for that?"

You have proposed the date and now it's on them to make a decision to join you.

They don't need to wonder or fill the gaps. If they say no, you've done your best.

But if they say no because the information does not fit their needs, you've succeeded. Let them provide an optimal counter-proposal.

Try this a few times and carve your own strategy. And always remember, never pursue optimisation without respect for others.

Let that form the basis of every dating communication.