Avoid exercises you don’t enjoy

Avoid exercises you don’t enjoy
Kay by Arun Jayaraj

Depending on your fitness goal, there will be a variety of exercises that will help you achieve it. Based on our experiences, I, and other fitness coaches will recommend our favourites.

But you will notice exercises that you enjoy more than others. There will even be a few that you hate.

That is completely acceptable. Be mindful of that and accept it.

Once you're aware of these exercises, you should avoid them for now.

Much of your fitness journey will need you to do things that you may not enjoy.

But as much as possible, choose exercises that you like and find purposeful.

Forcing yourself to perform disliked exercises will add unnecessary friction to your habits. For the most part, we don't need that.

So understand what you like, and seek alternative exercises for the ones that you don't.