Lose weight with these 5 habits

Make your weight loss easier with these 5 habits.

Lose weight with these 5 habits

What is this?

It's a simple strategy to help you get started with your weight loss and increase your chances of achieving your weight goals..

What do I do?

Each day, you will engage in these 5 habits:

  1. Sleep for at least 7 hours
  2. Drink at least 2 litres of water
  3. Eat at least 200g of whole fruit
  4. Eat at least 300g of whole vegetables
  5. Engage in at least 30 minutes of pulse-raising physical activity.

How long do I do it for?

Try it for 14 days first. Do your best to complete as many habits as possible each day. Once you've got the hang of it, try it again for another 14 days.

Download template

Use this Notion template to help you stay on track.


Photo by David Mao / Unsplash

✅ Sleep for at least 7 hours.

  • Make the most out of your sleep by going to bed and waking up around the same time daily.
  • To ensure you get better quality sleep, try to avoid using your phone and staring at other screens within an hour of going to bed.
  • Try to avoid using your phone immediately when waking up. Get out of bed before doing anything else.


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✅ Drink at least 2L of water.

  • To make it easier, fill 2L of water in jugs and bottles at the start of the day. Pour them out into glasses as you go on.
  • Water in tea and black coffee does count. However, water in other processed drinks should not count towards your liquid total.
  • Spread out your water intake as much as possible throughout the day.

Fruit & Vegetables

Photo by Arun Jayaraj

✅ Eat 200g of whole fruit

✅ Eat 300g of whole vegetables

  • Choose a variety of fruit and vegetables in different colours.
  • Make sure your fruit and vegetables are eaten whole (or as a blended smoothie). Juice, without the fibre, should not count in these servings.
  • Some fruit and vegetables might be better than others, but the most important thing is to eat enough servings first.
  • Prepare your fruit and vegetables in the morning and have them earlier in the day to ensure you complete this goal.
  • Eat your fruit straight after a meal to help you curb sugar cravings.


Photo by Arun Jayaraj

✅ When you raise your heart rate for at least 30 mins

  • This can be anything from an intense cardio or gym session to a brisk walk. Just ensure your pulse is raised for 30 minutes.

Bonus: Weighing yourself

Photo by i yunmai / Unsplash

✅ Weigh yourself.

  • Do it after using the bathroom in the morning and before you eat or drink.
  • Weighing yourself daily will help you stay accountable for your weight loss.
  • It may also help you fight the fear of seeing your weight.

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